The Suspect(s)
The Offence(s)
The Investigation
  • the reasonable lines of inquiry already conducted, including those that may assist the defence, and the results of those inquiries;
  • the lines of inquiry which will not be pursued and the rationale for that decision;
  • any reasonable lines of inquiry which remain outstanding, together with timescales for completion of those inquiries and an objective assessment of the likely impact of those inquiries on the decision to charge, taking into account the facts of the case, the available material and information and the known issues; the current status of the PACE clock and its impact on the investigation;
  • an explanation for any delay between the offence date, commencement of the investigation and the referral to the CPS;
  • the status of any linked offenders:
    • pending arrest/interview;
    • charged, and if so, their status, including court dates;
    • dealt with by Out of Court Disposal;
    • subject to no action; and
    • any account or explanation relevant to the suspect's conduct.
  • the status of any linked investigation;
  • whether any sources of information require protecting;
  • details of any action taken, and timetable set in relation to asset recovery; their financial strategy and contact details for the relevant Financial Investigation Unit.
Outstanding Evidence

The following types of evidential material may not be immediately available for charging purposes:

  • audio-visual
  • bad character
  • communications
  • forensic
  • identification
  • medical

Where such evidence or any other witness statements or exhibits are outstanding, the following information is required:

  • the nature of the outstanding material;
  • any target date by which it will be available;
  • any issues that may affect its availability within that time frame or at all.
Victims and Witnesses
  • whether any victim or witness has failed to engage with or support the investigation and
    • has refused to provide a statement;
    • will not support a prosecution;
    • may not attend court for other reasons; and
    • if so, their relevance to the case.
  • where there is a repeat victim, a summary of the circumstances of any previous incidents;
  • where any victim or witness is vulnerable or intimidated,
    • the basis of eligibility for special measure; and
    • a special measures assessment, including any meeting requirement.
  • other supporting and/or protective measures proposed for any victims or witnesses who are not eligible for special measures
  • where the main language spoken is other than English,
    • any interpretation requirement;
  • any relevant dialect
  • whether a Victim Personal Statement(VPS/ISB/CIS) has been offered and:
    • has been taken or is yet to be taken;
    • is to be read out;
    • is to be read out by the victim;
    • has been declined by the victim.
Evidential Material
Key Evidence